A lot still happening!

So, as many of you know, the lasting legacy from 2016, has been the formation of ‘Middlezoy Arts’ as an independent constitution. We are not just a Festival event – the festival celebrates the efforts of the whole community!

Presently, the stone seats have been carved. We are waiting on the installation of the elm supports and to be able to fit them in place. They are looking fantastic!

There will be three focal points around Middlezoy – once the seats are installed we will give away some more information for you to find them!

The images on the seats were designed by the children of Middlezoy and Othery Schools. They reflect the wonderful array of wildlife in our beautiful area.

Some of the children joined adults to help carve these – workshops were run under the expert guide of Richard Horsham – thank you to each and every one of you who came along to chip away!

There have also been a number of Christmas craft workshops throughout November. A group of crafters have been meeting every Thursday to create their own diverse projects.

This has been a wonderful success! If you are interested in getting involved in future workshops, please do get in touch.


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